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Float Therapy

What is a float pod ?

Rest Float Spa is home to 2 of the largest pods in the world. Each floatation pod is filled 1000 litres of waters and 500 kilos of Epsom Salts kept to skin temperature. When you enter the pod it creates an environment that is free from gravity and sensory input.

You have lots of space to manoeuvre around so you don’t feel claustrophobic and you can get in and out whenever you like. You control the opening of the pod lid, which you can have either fully open,  or fully closed and the light, which you can turn on or off at any time, to ensure your experience is right for you. 

One lady at a day spa inside a float pod

Why float ?

Floatation therapy is a unique relaxation treatment designed to give your mind and body the complete freedom to unwind & heal.

Also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST, it works by inhibiting the sensations of gravity, light, sound and temperature to free the brain from sensory distractions and allow it to focus on resetting the body’s natural levels

The benefits

Pain & Sports Injury

Floatation therapy removes the force generated by gravity relieving pressure from various parts of the body .  The zero-gravity environment assists your body by focusing on repairing trouble areas, rather than regular bodily maintenance

2 sports players helping each other stand up

Stress & Anxiety 

Due to the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system through floatation therapy, the body is flooded with endorphins and dopamine. These neurotransmitters are responsible for pain relief, mood enhancement and a decrease in anxiety response. Perfect for stress management, depression and anxiety.

A man leaning against a wall highly stressed


Floating increases circulation throughout the whole body as well as the distribution of oxygen and nutrients. Enhanced muscle relaxation and an overall reduction in physical stress are also achieved through floatation. 

A wall sign that says "and breathe"

Stress & Sleep

A regular floating routine can lower cortisol levels (a stress response hormone) and help you disconnect from the pressures of everyday life. The stress-relieving qualities of floating also mean it's a great meditation aid, and can significantly improve sleep quality too

A lady in enjoying sleep

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between a deep tissue massage and a regular massage?
    Typically, a deep tissue massage targets the full body to address concerns, commonly related to overuse while a regular aromatherapy massage tends to be focused on relaxation and improving emotional wellbeing
  • How often should I get a deep tissue massage?
    For clients without specific issues, we suggest getting a massage at least once a month to maintain the body's tension levels. A monthly massage contributes to keeping the body in optimal condition. For injuries you can get a massage after the first two to four days of healing as long as the massage therapist understands soft tissue conditions.
  • How long does a deep tissue massage take?
    We offer deep tissue massage appointments with a durationof 60 minutes or 90 minutes.
  • Does deep tissue massage hurt?
    A deep tissue massage is specifically designed for individuals engaged in physical activity or sports, addressing muscle-related issues. Aromatherapy massage primarily uses essential oils to enhance the massage experience. Providing relaxation and stress relief, the focus is on the essential oils for their aromatic and therapeutic properties to enhance relaxation and mood during the massage.


The high concentration of epsom salt in the water leads to an abundance of this mineral being absorbed through our skin. Magnesium can regulate blood pressure, assist in detox and assist in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It also serves as a powerful recovery tool for athletes with muscle soreness or sport injuries.


Couples float in the same pod $140

Sauna & float package $120

To float with a friend in 2 room at the same time please call us

To add Kava pre float $5


45 min Float Therapy Session $80

1 Hour  Float Therapy Session $99

Student float (Must be between 9am -3pm)

45 min Float Therapy Session $65

1 Hour  Float Therapy Session $70

Senior Citizen Session

45 min Float Therapy  $60

Must present gold card


x3 float introduction pack - 45 min Floats $210

     **Only available to new customers** 

Google reviews
Had my first float experience here and it was amazing. I felt so calm and relaxed, and had a great nights sleep that night! The team here are so lovely and welcoming, all the little details have been thought of. Can’t wait for my next float!"
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